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Dragon Nest PVP Explained

Greetings to all,

This page will server to firstly tell you what are the available modes of PvP in Dragon Nest.

It will then suggest to you several item builds that you might want to embark on if you’re a hardcore PvP player.


There are 3 main modes/type of PvP in Dragon Nest (Not refering to captain/respawn/rounds/ghoul/etc)

  1. Compensation ON
  2. Compensation OFF
  3. Ladder PvP

Here are the things you MUST know regarding this 3 different forms of PvP in Dragon Nest.

1. Compensation ON

Gears/Enhancement Heraldries/Suffix don’t count.

What this means is, no matter how enhanced your gear is, be it +15 or +0, within the same class that you are, you will have the same dmg/hp/mp/crit/para/stun etc as anyone else.

Skill Heraldries DO WORK

Meaning equipping Half-Moon Slash Action Speed 50% does works in Compensation ON PvP

Same goes for all the other skill heraldries effect like cooldown reduction, dmg increase 20% etc.

All stats are normalized across the SAME class.

Meaning, swordmasters will have around 50kHP in Compensation ON PvP, and any other swordmaster who joins the game with compensation ON will have the same HP as you, if you’re a swordmaster.

Note that defensive classes like priest/paladins have higher hp/mp pool, and other classes like EL/FU/Acrobat/BM have a lower hp/mp pool.

Point is, across the same class, you will have the same stats, REGARDLESS of gears/heraldries/blahblah.

So what works?

The level of your skill affects the dmg/effect of your skill.

Meaning in Compensation ON, a Lvl1 Moonlight Splitter will do lesser damage than a player with Lvl2 Moonlight Splitter.

Therein lies the reason why there are pvp skill builds.

Also note that some skills for certain classes have additonal effects when they reach a certain level.

For eg, Stomp for mercenaries have increased slow when level past 4, and these increased slow effects do work on Compensation ON PvP

Skill Accessories crafted from Blacksmith Works!

Note that skill accessories do work in Compensation ON PvP as well as all the other 2 mentioned modes.

However, skill accessories DO NOT STACK.

Equipping TWO skill rings with +1 to provoking slam will not give you an increase of +2 to the level of the skill, only +1 will be applied.

Also note that skill accessories can help you increase the level of a certain skill PAST the highest possible level in the current level cap.

Eg. Lvl4 Provoking Slam is the max you can get normally at lvl40 cap.

Having a +1 Provoking Slam skill ring CAN get the skill to work as a Lvl5 provoking slam would. (Increase from 30% to 35% dmg taken)

In summary,

Only level of your skill(meaning your skill build) as well as skill accessories directly impact Compensation ON PvP

weapon/armor suffix do not work if you are still wondering


Compensation OFF

This is actually very simple.


In lay man terms, simply treat your opponent or player you up against like you’re treating a monster.

The relevant values such as 850 final damage to deal 100% more damage at lvl40 cap applies.

Note many believe that FD is nerfed in PvP, but it is NOT in compensation OFF PvP.

Expect to deal 95% crit rate with 10-11k critical on players as well.

Note that the HP/MP you have is exactly what you have in PvE as well.

Meaning the gears/suffix works.

In other words,

Compensation OFF PvP is like PvP-ing using PvE rules/setting.


Ladder PVP

For Ladder PvP, it works similarly to Compensation OFF PvP

But there are certain nerfs or soft-caps in place to make possibly make it more balanced.

Everything is the same except for the things mentioned below.

Final Damage - this stat is definitely nerfed. Watch the video below to see for yourself

Critical Stat - Crit rate is also nerfed to what I believe to be around 25%. Meaning there’s a soft-cap for crit rate at around 25% for Ladder PvP

Herein lies why people who are strong in PvE might not necessarily own in Ladder PvP.

So how to have an edge over players in Ladder PvP?


Ladder PvP Item Builds

  1. Weapon Suffix (Knight/Restraint)
  2. Armour Suffix (4/5 HP Set Definitely)
  3. Pure Stat Builds

Knowing that FD and Crit builds are nerfed in Ladder PvP will thus mean that Pure Builds are actually more effective.

For eg.

Full STR Paralyse Build for Mercenary/Swordmaster

1 Strength gives 2.5Stun and 3 Paralyse

Hence going full strength build meant that you can have very high paralyse stat.

For the current cap, it is known that you need around 11k paralyse stat for you to have a high chance in flinching your opponents.

I wrote a 17k Paralyse quick item guide for a person who requested in the forums earlier, here it is:

get all 3rd stat para plates.

688 para x 7 = 4816 para available from plates

weapons with the para 13.5% potentials on both weapons (27%)

redemption plate = 20% paralyse + 1377 para

redemption sylvie ana ring x2? no para % on rings though 960x2 = 1920 para

overall para =( para from overall base strength + 4816+1377+1920) x 1.47

i’ll just use the strength with my str/agi crit build sm as a small gauge, which is 1220STR

overall para =( (1220x3) + 4816+1377+1920) x 1.47 = 17306 paralyze

there you have it.

meaning you need around 1200 base strength and all the above i’ve mentioned.

meaning 17k paralyze is achievable in 40 cap. this is based of 40 gears, hence it also means that at 50 cap you can achieve this and have tweaked out patk as well, since lvl50 accessories and lvl50 redemption plate will be available 

For myself, I believe that having hp/knight/prefix will be sufficient for being competitive in Ladder PvP.

I’ve not done Ladder PvP now, we all know why :P

Hope this guide helped,



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