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All in 1 Swordmaster Guide

Greetings to all,

Seeing that there’s simply too many swordmaster guide threads I’ve created since 24 cap, I’ve decided to make a compilation so that new players can simply access this thread for links to all the guides I’ve made.

Before that, I will simply do a introduction to what being a Swordmaster is about and also help answer this important question:

Gladiator or Moonlord?

Note: This thread is based on my own personal opinion regarding the swordmaster class with regards to my own experiences while using it as well as what I’ve tested/used thus far.

if you’re not interested in the introduction, just skip to the bottom of the page for the links to the guides.

if you have questions for me, just email me at, and I’ll reply your questions there


Table of Contents

1. Introduction - find out why you should choose swordmaster as the class you want to play

2. Gladiator or Moonlord Explained - why/which is more suited to you when you need to make this ultimate choice

3. Physical Damage SM vs Magical Damage SM Explained - General Knowledge  you need to know

4. Conclusion - things you need to know before embarking on being an swordmaster

5. Links to Guides - lvl32/40 skillbuild and critical /finaldamage build guides

6. Awesome Videos about Swordmasters - videos I’ve seen thus far that represents :D



So what’s in it for you when you have decided to be a Swordmaster?

First and foremost, SPEED.

While mercenaries also have dash, the attack speed of swordmaster skills are generally fast and smooth flowing, you will definitely feel the power of the sword flowing through you as you wield your sword :D

Fast clearing of dungeons (though we are not the fastest) is definitely our plus point, being able to dash through the dungeon as well as having a decent number of AOE skills that will help with clearing monsters faster. (eg. eclipse, half moon slash, crescent cleave).

Secondly, our strongest point, VERSATILITY.

Swordmasters are arguably one of the most versatile class in Dragon Nest. We have a bunch of close combat skills as well as mid-range to even long range skills (moonlight splitter).

Provoking Slam a.k.a Luring Slice, grants increase damage taken by monsters for 15s and only have a cooldown of 20s, hence a 5s downtime. (Lvl40 can give up to 30% increasing in damage taken, useful for boosting damage on the coordinated usage of ultimates by all classes to ensure that it hits real hard)

We are also not short of defensive skills such as parrying stance as well.

Highlander, which is also available to mercenaries is also a very very useful buff for parties when clearing nests.

However do note that we can be called upon the jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

The above statement means that we are definitely not the highest DPSers in DN if terms of gear per damage ratio. For eg. An Elemental Lord with average gear might be able to compete with a decently geared SM.

This is however due to the way the game is designed. EL’s gain 0.75 Magic Attack per INT while SM’s only gain 0.5 Magic Attack.

Last but not least, Swordmasters are simply awesome.

Be it being a gladiator with Final Attack


A Moon-Lord with Moonbade Dance,

You can definitely be sure that Swordmaster are one of the flashier class in Dragon Nest, when fans/haters say that some of us are Bleach fans, I think they are right wink


Gladiator or Moonlord

Now before anyone asks me which is better, I’ll just put it on the table now. They are both excellent in their own aspects.

Let’s start by answering assumptions people have about gladiators/moonlords.

Gladiators are for PvPers, Moonlords are for PvEers.
This statement is brought about due to basically the differences in the skills Gladiators and Moonlords has.

So why is Gladiators termed as the PvP side of the house?

The skill in question is Triple Slash EX (not only this skill that differentiates Gladiator to be the “pvp” sub class)
Triple Slash EX allows the 3rd slash of the skill to be a “upper-cut”, meaning an extra skill to lift up your opponent, like impact punch.

This is extremely useful for PvPers which is one of the fundamental reasons why Gladiators is labelled as the PvP Selection.

Moonlords on the other hand has Moonlight Splitter EX, which also has it’s PvP capabilities which is the flinching of opponents if they caught in the en-larged radii of Moonlight Splitter. Casting 3 MLS EX on the ground to form a trap is what many other classes will need to handle once we have lvl50 cap out.

However, I do want to emphasize it all comes down to the playstyle that you like.

Moonlords can PvP as well, it’s just that you have to reply more on your mid-range and ranged skills more, and of course if you were fighting against a gladiator, you will need measures against Triple Slash EX.

So stop labelling Gladiators as PvP and Moonlords as PvE because both can do well, if handled by a skillful player.

So why is Moonlord labelled as the PvE side of the house?

Aside the fact that, people have already segregated them into the 2 aspects, Moonlords are thought to be better for PvE, because of the nature of high level nest mechanics.

It is always safer to DPS from range (allowing you a wider view of what’s happening around you), hence easier for you to tackle nest mechanics.

However, you can always be the first gladiator to go up to the frontlines and show them that you can have awareness and awesome control of your class.

I mean if it’s impossible to go to close-combat for nest bosses, then other classes such as acrobats and mercenaries will have problems, BUT we don’t see mercenaries having trouble with high level nests.

Hence, it’s all down to what you want to play and enjoy, for myself, I love being able to fly into the air momentarily and fire out sword waves, hence I’ve chosen Moonlord. Make your own choice, and live with it (:

For a more in-depth analysis regarding Gladiator vs Moonlord,

visit the frequently asked questions section of my blog here:


Last but not least, the inherent difference between Physical Damage SM and Magical Damage SM.

If you haven’t realized by now, it seems to be much easier to build up physical attack as compared to magical attack.

This makes people always wonder if it’s worth while to go Magic type SM a.k.a Moonlord at all.

So I’m going to bust the myth once and for all.

I’ve built a STR/AGI Crit Build SM before, and currently i’m using INT/AGI Crit + FD Build SM, this means that I’ve tested both sides of the house and hence why I can make these conclusions.

Conclusion : The damage output for both is essentially the same.

To put it simply, as a patk SM, I can hit around base 4k patk, and as a mtk SM, I can hit 3k matk.

So let’s just compare the skills each side of the house has. values stated here are rough estimates, all critical hits

At 4k patk, my triple slash dmg is only around 5k-6k per slash, meaning 18k dmg in total

At 3k patk, my Moonlight splitter dmg is 10k per slash, meaning 30k dmg in total.

Though there’s a 12k dmg difference here, now let’s compare other skills down the road

Line Drive vs Half Moon Slash.

4k patk line drive is around 25k x 4 = 100k DMG

3k matk Halfmoon slash is around only  28k DMG.

Though there’s a hug difference in damage, note that both classes can get line drive AND half-moon slash using the hybrid skill build (which you should probably use in 40 cap)

The point is, magical damage generally scales alot more than physical damage skills.

So higher patk doesn’t neccessarily mean physical damage skills hits much harder compared to magical damge skills based off a “lower” value magical attack.

In general, for comparison sake.

A 4000 patk phy-build SM can be compared to a 3k-3.2k matk mag-build SM.

Use this as a very very general gauge based off lvl 40 equipment.


In Conclusion, though what I’ve described here seems to be alot of fun.

Do note that Swordmasters are one of the most expensive classes to play due to the sheer popularity of this class.

Your equipment such as swords will always be the most pricey among all the other equipment in DN.

Stuff that is good for you will generally be expensive (3rd Stat Critical/FD plates)

Swordmasters in general need decent gear to do well, in terms of damage wise.

We are also one of the hardest to build in Dragon Nest, in terms of gear wise. (hopes that the moonlord/gladiator transformation takes place ASAP) It’s hard to get to the critical cap while having high base damage without very very good gears.

Swordmasters - Gladiators or Moonlords to be are not for the fainthearted, if you’re in for a challenge, then choose Swordmaster as the class to play.

It is definitely one of the easier classes to play, but definitely one of the hardest classes to master.


Links to Swordmaster Guides thus far.

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Lvl50 Skill Build Guide for Moonlord/Gladiator

Lvl50 17k Critical build Guide coming soon.


Awesome videos you must watch if you’re a Swordmaster!

Lvl40 Physical Critical Build SM, Infinity Edge

Lvl50 Moonlord - response to class discrimination against Moonlords in cDN



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