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Overall Acrobat Guide (Skill & Critical Build)

Greetings to all,

I’ll first introduce the skill build I’m using

But before that, I want to thank “Sleihya” from my own Guild “Eternity” in Greenwood for sharing hers with me first.

Thanks to her I didn’t make any mistakes in my own acrobat.

Shes an awesome arcobat as well ^_^

direct link of skill build

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Current Gears and Stats for Acrobat.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For accessories my using wind amber necklace and wind ruby earrings.

For heraldries:

I have 24 Premium Destruction ; Health ; Life Vitality

I have 32 Premium Wind ; Fatal ; Redemption (Will replace with Bear)

I know I have many skill points left in both trees but I’m not exactly the expert for Acrobats so I’ll be leaving them as it is.

I  have only 1 Crit 17% potentials and have 5.6k Critical unbuffed. Also I’m using 1 destruction ruby ring and 1 rare destruction ring

With buff I’ll hit 6k critical, which is enough for 32 CAP.

Basically I went full wind for my EQ Set (I’m wearing 5 piece EQ Armors so I didn’t have enough gold to go for 3 Piece EQ and 2 Piece Adagio)

Please Email me should you have any questions.

Remember I’m also new to acrobat as well.



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