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Skill Build Guide for 32 Cap [Hybrid SM]

Greetings all,

Many have asked me to write a guide for 32CAP Skill Builds, here you go up

This guide serves to help you make the ”right decision”  for the upcoming 32 Level Cap regarding what skills to add for hybrids.

If you feel strongly against any of my builds, please give constructive comments to improve them.

(mostly anything wrong with my builds will be their effect on your later 40/50 builds, but given the limitations to the number of SP we have for 32 CAP, I don’t think anything can go wrong since we won’t be adding alot of levels to a specific skill due to us being hybrids)

Before we start, lets see which skills are the reason for making us hard to decide which build to go for.

What most people will need to debate on for this Lvl32 CAP is 4 skills, namely :

Luring Slice (@ Level 1)  every level adds ANOTHER 5% phy/mtk dmg taken, you can get up to level 2 in LvL32 CAP)

Lvl 2 not recommended (does not fit into any of the builds that I will mention below)

Does 211% Phy DMG + 226

+15% Phy/Mtk Taken (debuff on the mob that get hit) Lasts 15SECONDS

Very good for PvE, basically increases your DPS by 15%, however usually only hits 1 mob, more for boss fights

Frenzied Charge/Line Drive/Rage (different names in different versions of the game)

554% Phy DMG +840 @ Lvl1

This skills is a awesome skill for PvP (if used wisely) as well as PvE, basically allows you to dash into/across a field of mobs doing devastating damage. Most people think that it’s a must have skill for hybrids, I believe so as well.

Parrying Stance

100% Parrying Chance for 10seconds (12 seconds with +20% Duration Premium Plate)

This is similar to the paladin’s stance of faith, basically renders you taking zero damage.

PvP wise, it’s pretty OP, allowing you to counterslash/wave for 1 attack after parrying to allow for a opening.

PvE wise, this skill is a MUST HAVE skill, however might not be so unless cerebus nest is out. Basically it allows you to “TANK” OPed AOE skills by nest bosses for 10seconds and everytime you “parry” you get to do counter slash/wave which does 300% of your Phy Dmg.

If you love dash combo alot, I suggest giving this skill a wait unti lvl 40 cap as you will probably not need it for PvE if you’re a skillful player at 32 CAP since I’ve seen videos of SMs clearing cerebus nest solo without using it once.

Half-Moon Slash (Only LvL1 Possible in 32 CAP) Get -50% Animation Plate [Some will think otherwise]

569% MATK + 462

Pure raw damage, nuff said.

The 4 Builds

Below I’ll have 4 links for 4 different builds you can use with regards to their pro’s and cons.

First Build(mainly for PvErs)

This build require you to give up dash combo ( which you probably have already learnt ).

This build allows you to get ALL 4 skills mentioned above.

I’ll using Dash Slash followed by Triple Slash to initiate my Combos now though I know I will be so used to dash combo ><!

Also dash combo has quite a low cooldown which is also why people view it of high importance.

Don’t use this build if you are an avid PvPer (i’m not).

2nd Build (Recommended if you’ve already taken Dash Combo and do not to use/buy a skill reset)

This build gives up Luring Slice

This build allows you to get all the other 3 skills mentioned above

What you lose here isn’t that detrimental as luring slice as mentioned usually only hits 1-2 mobs and need to be used in close proximity. Those it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t learn it.

TL;DR You don’t use luring slice much since you love to aoe mobs from afar, and you don’t really need the 15% pattk/mattk inc dmg on a single mob most of the time since they die too fast(for 32 CAP monsters of course) shady

Not to mention, luring slice only lasts for 15s (more for partys to smash the boss for 15s with their hardest hitting skills)

3rd Build (Variation of 2nd build)Recommended for Skillful Players

Basically this build gives up parrying stance. I mean you won’t need to use it unless you don’t know how to run/dodge/understandbossmechanics.

You get to keep dash combo as well :D

Parrying stance is more important for Lvl40 Manticore Nest where the boss really does some nasty aoes as well as the bosses before that requires parrying stance (the naga queen which has the poison fields, requires you to have parry stance to survive). 

TL;DR Get parrying stance at lvl40 cap, not now.

4th Build (For those who siding towards ML or you added points wrongly)IM USING THIS ONE!!!

credits to potatomaster

Has dash combo, half moon slash, line drive as well as luring slice.

Hope its helps those who are willing to give up parry stance at cap32.

you WILL BE able to get both Line drive, luring slice and halfmoon with this build.

if you feel tat MLS at lv5 is too much, maybe you could either take out 1 level from it and put into luring slice (since luring slice is useful in both PVP and PVE)

*luring slice seem more worth it, therefore, one might be able to leave MLS at lv4 and luring slice at lv2. since Luring slice increase more damage taken then MLS.

At cap40, you will still be able to get parry stance. (you might wanna refer to Ruee Lv40 skill build, its good too)

the reason i increase MLS to such high level is become im leaning towards more of ML than gladiator. But i believe line drive is good as in PVP/PVE, the more skills you have, the better it is. And if you wanna be a ML, you need lv6 MLS to unlock one of the ML skill.

End Note:

With regards to pure moonlord / gladiator builds, I don’t really think its important to think about them now, as recent patch in DN KR allows us to get both ultimate skills.

TL;DR? Basically hybrid is the way to go until Lvl50, if you disagree that’s your choice then :D

Hope this guide helped you people to make the decision for the skill build you want for 32 CAP and clear up the confusions you guys have been facing. 


If you want to help me out for making the effort to write up this guide, help me by watching my videos on my DT Dungeon Guide as well as Minotaur Nest Solo :D.

Lastly, look out for my videos for 32 CAP as well, critical damage inc! (I will be critical capped once 32 is released :D)

P.S I’ve not used up all the SP in the warrior side of my tree because that does not affect your build significantly, similarly in my own character currently, I have not used up the points

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